Toronto Inner Harbour and Island Cruise

An extremely different angle of view of the Toronto city and surrounding area can be seen while on a cruise that takes you along the Inner harbor and island of Toronto. This is a one hour sightseeing journey in a cruise which will take you along the area of Toronto’s Inner Harbour. Toronto which is one of the most dynamic cities in Canada has many breath taking views which can easily be enjoyed while in a harbor cruise. Live commentaries will be accompanying the journey which will help all the travellers included in the cruise to understand the past and present matters related to the place.

There are wide variety of views to be seen ranging from the most towering skyscrapers to the famous island parks and lagoons of the city of Toronto. The cruises on Inner harbor tour functions in a seasonal condition. When the weather conditions are bad or uncomfortable there will be absolutely no service by the cruise. At times when everything is perfect and climate allows then an alternative stop is provided on the Centre Island which gives a number of options for the visitors for entertainment purpose.

Centre Island has gardens wherein the travellers can relax. A bicycle or boat can be rented out and the visitors can make a trip to the petting zoo, indulge in some recreational activities in the Centreville Amusement Park and also dine in one of the famous restaurants to enjoy the exclusive meals and cuisines. After all these the journey in the lovely cruise shall be continued at your convenience. The cruises for the journey start from the Queens Quay West area of Toronto. And then returns to the same point after the intended journey and fun are complete. June to August and September to October are the actual seasons suited for this travel. During the season of June to August cruises are available every half an hour and during the season from September to October there are cruises available at each and every hour.

Along with the normal pricing charges of each cruise the travellers are also liable to pay additional taxes which may not be so head breaking. In addition there is the facility of pick up and drop from your area of residence which is provide by different Toronto tour operators. There are also cruises which gives you a chance of a complete 360 degree Toronto sightseeing from the upper deck of the cruise. This will be really an unforgettable experience for the travellers on board.

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