Excellent places to visit in Canada

Canada is the most hospitable place to visit during a vacation. Canada holidays can be made unforgettable with the top attractive places that are open for tourists. Some of the famous places that attract tourists during the autumn season are described here.

1.The Rocky Mountains: This is in Alberta, Canada. The days are warm and dry during the days of September and October. Some of the accessible spots are Johnston’s Canyon and the Tunnel Mountain. Since there are no summer crowds you can really enjoy the solitude of sub alpine larch and aspen trees.

2.Algonquin Park: This is in Ontario, Canada. This park covers an immense area of nearly 7725 square kilometer. Its size, beauty and the closeness to Toronto make it the most famous parks in Ontario. In order to see and enjoy the forests, lakes and rivers we can take a canoe ride or travel by foot. The maples tree seems to be more attractive at end of September or early in October. Similarly the aspens, tamaracks and red oaks are tourist’s favorite in the middle or end of October.

3.Agawa Canyon Trip: the Central Railroad of Algoma or the Agawa Canyon trip of railways which runs in the northern region through Sault Ste Marie in North Ontorio is the best track to watch the colors at the last part of September or in the beginning of October.

4.Fall Foliage Romance: The dramatic changes that autumn season causes in the forests of the eastern part of Canada is more spectacular or romantic. The special 6 night railway package for the vacation of Fall Foliage is one of Canada’s most important attractions featuring the cities of Toronto, Halifax, Montreal and Quebec City.

5.Niagara Parkway: This is the route that Winston Churchill called as “the prettiest Sunday afternoon drive in the world”. This historic Niagara Parkway is also the River Road. This is the route that follows the winding path of the Niagara River that causes the partition of Canada and the US. The Bruce Peninsula: This is one of the best part of Bruce Trail which hikes a long distance of about 800 km. Here there are wonderful water vistas, fauna and Ontario flora. The trees in the region are more than 1000 years old and in the autumn period the colors are somewhat to be observed.

6.The Laurentian Mountains: The sugar maple trees in the autumn colors make Quebec an attractive location for tourists. The prominent colors are the provincial yellow birch and the American beech. Laurentian Mountains become one of the most appreciable scenes in the northern part of America.

7.Prince Edward Island: This Island has wide range of colors in the autumn season. The water flowing through the Gulf of St Lawrence and the Northumberland Strait gives the island a pleasant climate.

8.The Cabot Trail: This is one of the most attractive drives in the world around Cape Breton. Colors like red, orange, crimson and gold cover the highlands and reach their peak in the second week of October.

9.Fundy Coastal Drive: This is an outstanding maritime journey. Some of the highest nature of tides can be viewed along with some beautiful pumpkin colors during the first two weeks of October. Make your Canada tour unforgettable with such autumn scenes.

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