Excellent places to visit in Vancouver

Vancouver is a major city of British Columbia which belongs to the region of Canada. This has grown into a big Pacific Rim city that has a varied cultural heritage and an international profile. This city was formed in the year 1884 and inhabited by only 400 people. The city has now developed a lot and homes nearly two million region in the lower mainland. This is equal to nearly half the population of the Province of British Columbia. After Toronto and Montreal, Vancouver is the third largest metropolitan city of Canada. Some of the most famous tourist destinations of Vancouver is being discussed here.

1.Stanley Park: This place is called the vacationers paradise that happened to be in the centre of the city. It is the largest urban park in the whole region of North America. Thousands of acres of woodlands, gardens, trails, flowers, beaches, flowers and wildlife prevails in the city. This bigger park also homes Vancouver Aquarium.

2.Robson Street: New York’s fifth avenue and London’s Oxford Street solely belongs to this street. This street is filled up with shops and boutiques which gives us anything that we want ranging from coffee shops to fashion boutiques of some of the mega store. This is described as the best place to enjoy shop, relax and watch people.

3.Gastown: This city is named after the person who first settled in the place who was a colorful saloon owner Gassy Jack. This is the birthplace of Vancouver. A mixture of Victorian architecture, old and new cobbled streets and a number of new and unique passages and courtyards along with some of the most important boutiques, restaurants and entertainment houses can be seen here. People on Vancouver tour cannot miss this beautiful location.

4.Yale town: The warehouses made of bricks in the region of Yale town were all transformed to beautiful galleries, restaurants and boutiques. The fashion lovers and high technical gurus who converge on the real city neighborhood are abundantly found by the urban cool location. The night life in Yale town is really great with a large number of night clubs, pubs and hot restaurants in the location.

5.Commercial drive: This place is a mixture of eclectic, ethnic shopping places which includes shops from Africa, Italy, Portuguese, Latin etc, places suitable for night life, healthy food served at healthy places, consignment shops etc.

6.Chinatown: There are many interesting shops that are filled up with products such as seafood, meat, household items, gifts, Chinese medical products etc. Chinatown Market places are also enormous. Many picking up Canada tour packages also have the plan to make use of these herbal medicinal values.

7.Metrotown: This is the best place to go for shopping during a rainy day. This is only a half hour drive distance from the center of the city. There are over 500 shops for shopping and entertainment and over 22 cinemas.

8.South Granville Street: Here we can find a number of antique stores, clothes and furniture shop and many art galleries.

9.Main Street: Here there a lot of retro shops second hand shops, cafes and restaurants.

10.Robson Street: This is an eclectic mix of different types of appealing shops and restaurants, premiere fashion stores and different service centers which are all new and exclusive.

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