Excellent places to visit in Toronto

Toronto tour can be made an unforgettable experience by visiting the most attractive places in Toronto. There are many places that you can make a visit to during your Toronto visit. Some of the places are described here:

1.CN Tower: This is the tallest tower in the world and the third tallest building in the world. This is a must see tower for all the tourists to Toronto. If on a clear day then the view of this tallest tower from the top can extend up to the Niagara waterfalls. In certain part of the building the floorings are done using Plexiglas. This is done for the purpose of getting an unobstructed view to understand at what height you are standing.

2.St.Lawrence Market: This is a Victorian building that is generally surrounded by many other historical buildings. These buildings are generally called as the real architectural gems of the world. This is a flea or street market type area. There are many landmarks that have been the points of attraction for the tourists visiting St.Lawrence market area.

3.Algonquin Park: Lakes, rivers and forests that are available in the Algonquin Park can be viewed by travelling on a canoe or by walking. The beauty of the park made it the most famous park in Toronto. The maple trees, red oaks, aspens and tamaracks are more beautiful in the middle or end of October.

4.Little Italy: One of the most interesting neighborhoods of Toronto is Little Italy. Many Italian nationals say that they are Canadian Italian. We can find their culture reflected in the suburb. Here we can find a number of Italian restaurants, pubs and bars which reflects the hospitality of the place. Make sure to visit Little Italy during Toronto package tour.

5.Little Portugal: From the name you can understand that Portugese people are living here. Here the atmosphere is same as that in Portugal. A number of restaurants that serve Portugal style food which can greatly tickle your taste buds are also available. The people of the area are really helpful. Lot of entertainment can also be found in the region.

6.Harbor: Some of the beautiful sites of Toronto can be viewed by visiting the harbor of Toronto. This is an excellent place to go and do some shopping. We can find a line of shops that sell things which match and exhibits the real tradition and way of living of the people of Toronto.

7.Beaches: Beaches are a really good place to spend a beautiful vacation day. Enjoying the sunset in a beach by having a good meal in a restaurant nearby or drinking a glass of wine can really make your day great.

8.The Entertainment District: This is the place that can be considered as the heart of entertainment in Toronto. Restaurants, night clubs and movies are also available in the region.

9.Welling Street: A number of restaurants are available in the location that provides you with wide range of dishes and tastes that we can never forget in our lifetime.

10.Front Street East: Food lovers should make sure to visit the place because these carry restaurants specialized in Canadian moose meat. This is very easy to find and access.

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